Yarnteen Ltd
About Yarnteen

Yarnteen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation was first established in 1991. In June 07 the Yarnteen members unanimously agreed to the transfer of incorporation of Yarnteen ATSI Corporation to Yarnteen Ltd (Yarnteen), a company limited by guarantee. Yarnteen Ltd (Yarnteen) is a not for profit company whose object is to provide Aboriginal people with training and employment opportunities to provide relief from unemployment.

The name "Yarnteen" comes from the Awabakal Tribe of the Newcastle area. Yarnteen means "All / Everybody".

Since the beginning, Yarnteen has achieved significant advancement, to achieve their aim to become a "Full free agent in our own development." (W.Jonas; 1991:12, Rpt, Four Successful Aboriginal Organisations.) Click here to read more.

Yarnteen's Objectives 
 * Build Wealth through sustainable enterprises and investments to increase opportunities for greater Aboriginal participation in the business sector.
* Creating pathways and opportunities for skills development and contribute to closing the gap in unemployment.
* Enhance Aboriginal youth cultural leadership and increase appreciation in Aboriginal culture for all Australians.
* Develop respectful relationships between non Aboriginal Australians and Aboriginal people for shared outcomes and benefits.

Yarnteen has a range of activities in place to support their objectives:

Enterprises & Investments

Aboriginal Business Development 

artnership Promotion

Registered Training Organisation