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Corporate Plan

As an organisation Yarnteen has always kept pace with change and reviewed and assessed the quality of their service delivery. Over the past few years this had led to major structural changes and progressed capacity building and leadership within the organisation.

Yarnteen Vision

A sustainable future rich in opportuntities for Aboriginal people to share in the wealth of Australia and build respect for our culture and the environment.

Our Values
                                                         Our Principles    
Spiritual lore, good governance, cultural identity and respect for nature and each other.         
Identity is everything.
We are proud to identify and include our Aboriginal spirit, connection to land and cultural identity in a modern society.

Love is a doing word! Love for the spirit, each other, community, our work and our land.

Innovation is necessary
. Our strategies will be innovative as we seek out every possible advancement opportunity for more Aboriginal people to participate in and be respected for their contribution to Australia's modern society.


Look to the spirit, for opportunities and positive outcomes.


Opportunity we seek.
We are committed to creating opportunities for the immediate and future benefit of Aboriginal people. We are entrusted with ensuring the legacy we leave behind for our future generations is rich in opportunity.

Listen to the spirit, elders, experts in their field, our community and each other.

Enterprise creates wealth and prosperity.
Our enterprises create wealth and aim to asssit Indigenous people prosper within the whole community system.
Learn from the spirit, elders, experts, community and each other. Remain open to learn.

Everyone to live the life they choose.
We believe in working towards a society where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can live the life they choose.

Lead by example with integrity and 

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